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The first publication under Feral Child, "Regression Simulator 2019" takes us through a recap of the year 2019 from the eyes of the author Andrew Valencia. With the support of 13 artists he hand-chose himself to help illustrate and visualize his diary-type written entries in real time as the year progressed onward.

[Artists include:]
✾ Nicole Cordoba
✾ Sasha Arcia
✾ Brittany Ruiz
✾ Tiffany DeVincent
✾ Dennis Sladek
✾ Chelsea Silva
✾ Viviana Lucia
✾ Amanda Vasco
✾ Vinny Nastasi
✾ Elle Morales
✾ Valy Echeverry
✾ Tiffany Slebi
✾ Andre Alvarez

"Feeling depressed? Are the years dragging on? You're not alone! 2019 was an interesting year, so I put together a whole buncha shit to try and navigate through of the emotions of it. It was all written and pieced together in real time, totally unaware of all the craziness that would occur in 2020. It's a bit of tragedy, comedy, stream-of-conciousness writing, visual arts, and just a hint of science fiction."

- Andrew Valencia

✾ 8.5"x11" / Perfect bound spine
✾ 36 pages, full color
✾ Published & designed by FC

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